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Wonder Playing Cards (United Cardists Review)

The guys over on the United Cardists forums LOVE their playing cards! One of their members recently did a detailed review of the new Wonder Playing Cards designed by David Koehler and produced by Murphy’s Magic.

Magician-friendly: Some of these decks are especially ideal for use by magicians. That’s evident by the fact that additional cards for use as gaffs have been included with the Papilio Ulysses deck, for example, which also has a card reveal on the tuck box. The pips on this deck in particular have a hint of customization with a single pip featuring wing-style artwork, which adds enough to make the deck look sophisticated, yet without taking over the whole artwork for a totally customized and very unfamiliar look.

Cardistry-friendly: Some of these decks are especially ideal for use by card flourishers. The bright colours and inspiring circular design of the Wonder deck will immediately grab the attention of cardists, who will see its potential for all kinds of flourishes, with the possibility it offers to create hynoptic and mind-bending moves.

Visit their site here to check out the full review of the Wonder Playing Cards.

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