Why Should You Read This? by Andrew Gerard

Why Should You Read This? by Andrew Gerard


Why Should You Read This? – Andrew Gerard

I suppose you are reading this out of mere curiosity. Most likely curiosity is what started you in magic as well so we are off to a good start. I am going to try and convince you in writing this short article, or rather allow you enough information to convince yourself of something. But first I want you to read these next few lines and try to visualize specifics about what it is you are reading.

“It was time for James to come home. She was waiting for him by the door. She kept looking at the time, holding his gift in her hand, waiting with anticipation to see his face when he saw what she had bought him.”

So I wonder if you visualized everything correctly? Who was James? How old was he? Who was she? His wife, friend, roommate, sister? When she kept looking at the time was it a watch, clock on the wall, or digital alarm clock? What do you suppose the gift was?

The thing that makes this story unique to you is this: You read it and imagined something.

If you were a film maker and had to hire actors and film this scene, you would be left to your imagination to do so, and your film would be 100% original, and a real part of you and your imagination.

Now instead imagine watching this scene on video… all the decisions have been done for you. You don’t have to do anything, just copy exactly what has been created. Copying what came from someone else’s imagination.

If you haven’t guess by now, I am relating this to magic. When you see another performer do an effect, with a script, you are also watching his timing, pacing, body language, jokes, moves, gestures, intentions, even his wardrobe. Then you go out and copy this person, pretending to be him, but not very well and in a way kind of creepy. But this is exactly what has become the norm. I think learning magic from videos is fine, but you have to be aware of the situation and not blindly become a copycat.

The one thing you have is YOU. Your organic natural personality is the ONLY thing and the most IMPORTANT thing that will make you come across as a real performer. No acting. Just you. If you have ever seen a movie with bad acting it STINKS right? You can spot a bad actor a mile away and disconnect from the film immediately. Same thing happens when people watch a magician copying someone else. They can sense you aren’t the “real deal.”

I can’t tell you how many times I have read an effect in a book and visualized how I would perform it. Imagining everything from where I will be standing or sitting, to finding the moments to pause, and when to make a joke etc.

From this point forward it is all about refinement. Eventually you will instantly be able to read something and know for certain how YOU will pull it off. So start reading and using your amazing imagination, then go out and make it real, find what works, and refine it.


By the way, James is a golden lab that was out for a walk with Lucy’s 40 year old son Gary.

Lucy is retired and lives on a house boat with James her. She bought him a giant ham bone at the butchers and she was staring at her pocket watch waiting for him to get home.

So why should you read this?

Because you just did.

Andrew Gerard

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