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Turn More Enquiries Into Gigs by Ken Dye

Turn More Enquiries Into Gigs
Why Most Performers Are Focusing On The Wrong Bit of Their Business
-Ken Dyne
10 enquiries this week, that’s pretty good going – but how many of them turned in to gigs?

One of the things I’ve been speaking about to a lot of friends this week is how we go about turning enquiries in to bookings.

Most entertainers who want to get gigs aren’t very good at getting the gig the confirm. That’s probably down to the fact that we focus so much time, energy and money on getting as many enquiries as we can.

We’re so busy doing our Facebooking, Google Marketing, Twittering, networking and exhibiting that we forget entirely about the next step.

The first step (the enquiry) is what’s known in the business as lead generation. That is getting people who are in the market to buy what you have, so make contact and ask for more info.

That’s the email they send to us, or the first phone call they make. You’ve got them as a lead. But now what?

Most entertainers don’t have a follow up sequence, or what we call a conversion sequence. That is a sequence of events, activities and actions that turn that person from a phone call asking “how much is it?’ in to someone who gives you their credit card details or sends you a cheque.

How We Convert People From Enquiry In To A Booked Gig

Its nothing fancy. That’s for sure.

Initially when we make contact with someone, we first of all make sure we have all of the relevant contact info from them. At the very least I want their email address and personal, direct phone number.

Armed with that info I can keep in touch with this person and provide them with information that makes me incredibly desirable to them.

So what happens?

When the enquiry comes in we ask for the details of their event, a phone number and email address as a bare minimum. Based on that we can see if I’m available (so we don’t waste time talking about event that can never happen) and then we give them the price.

Once they have the price, we know that they are asking themselves some very specific questions:

1. Do we have the budget for this, can we afford it?
2. Do we think it’s going to be worth it?
3. How does the price compare to what we thought it was going to be?

You always want your price to feel fair. By fair I mean you want them to sort-of expect it.

You do not want anyone to think ‘wow that’s expensive’. Because if they do, then you didn’t do a very good job of showing them how good you are and how much of an impact you’re going to have at their event.

You also never want anyone to think ‘damn that’s cheap’ because in that case you become the cheap entertainer and you’ll be treated like a chump entertainer. If you are ‘too cheap’ it means you deserve more money for your talents within the marketplace you are serving.

For example, in the UK right now, if I got an enquiry from the Mars Corporation to do more of their events and quoted them ¬£250 ($500) they might think ‘well he’s cheap so he talks a good talk but obviously cant deliver, he must suck’.

I have certainly lost gigs for being too cheap.

So armed with all of this, you have sent in the quote and so what you going to do now?

Sit around and hope they get in touch?

You will get some gigs for doing that, but not as many as you could be getting.

What is needed here my friend, is a plan. You need a number of reasons to keep contacting the person once the quote has been sent.

The first reason is easy, its just to ‘check they received the quote and whether they have any questions?’

Then, you have to get a little creative. You could send an email containing a photo and a testimonial from a client that you’ve just received. This proves to anyone who is sitting on the proverbial fence, that you can deliver and people love you.

I don’t have enough space here to share with you every single step, but I am sure with a bit of creativity, time and thought you can put a plan together.

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Ken Dyne is one of the busiest working mentalists in the UK. Recently he opened up an email coaching program to show you how you too can build a constant stream of gigs whether your a magician or a mentalist, and the results for his students are amazing. You can read all about his program called Gig Flow now at www.mentalunderground.com/gigflow


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