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Slowing Down Your Magic by Luke Dancy

Have you ever found yourself rushing through your magic? I know that I sure have and if I wasn’t reminded of this I’m sure I’d still be doing it today!

When it comes to performing, and practicing, there are a lot of common things people do that can actually hurt their progress. Sometimes it’s nervous energy while other times it’s a feeling that if something is ‘hurried up’ it will help hide the moves we are performing.

Here are a couple of key things to think about when it comes to slowing down your magic.

If you practice your magic slowly and deliberately then not only will you learn these new things the right way you will also carry this over to your performances where it really counts.

When it comes time to execute ‘that move’ and you speed up when the time comes to do the move then you’ll be drawing attention to something because it jumps out to them. Even if someone doesn’t know exactly what you’ve done it’s the moment that they notice and call you out on. “I’m not sure what you did but I saw something happen there.”

It’s not just the moves to slow down with it’s also your presentation of the tricks you’re performing that you should be aware of to. A good test would be to record yourself performing a trick and then playing it back to see if you actually talk as quickly as you do when you perform.

Sure it’s natural to be in ‘performance mode’ full of energy but it’s another thing to be a babbling mess that people can’t keep up with.

As Dai Vernon said best…

“Confusion is not magic”


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