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MEMORANDUM Live Q&A With Woody Aragon

Catch the replay of our live Q&A with Woody Aragon. Woody breaks down all the details about his new book MEMORANDUM. With his method to memorize you will be able to begin memorized deck magic and tricks in this book after just 30 minutes!

Grab yours now from one of our featured magic dealers:

Magic Apple: http://www.themagicapple.com/newest-products/1492/555/all-magic/new-products/P-memorandum-book-by-woody-aragon

H&R Magic Book Shop: https://www.magicbookshop.com/p/books/memorandum-pre-order

Tannen’s Magic: http://tannensmagic.corecommerce.com/memorandum-by-woody-aragon.html

Denny & Lee: http://dennymagic.com/store/memorandum-by-woody-aragon.html


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