A Wizard’s Manifesto by Tobias Beckwith

A Wizard’s Manifesto by Tobias Beckwith


A Wizard’s Manifesto

We are all born without limits – infinitely malleable biology, brain function, imagination & spirit.  

The process of acculturation gives us shape, belonging and a way of finding meaning in our lives.  Our educations both expand and limit our knowledge – know this, but not that (it’s taboo!).  Wizards, like magicians, seek otherwise secret (classified, taboo, heretical, secret, or mysterious) knowledge and technique.  This is why they live at the edge of most societies. However, there is also “secret knowledge” to be gained through experience. The more experiences each of us collects, the more such “secret knowledge” we gain. And most of those experiences come through interactions we have with others as we live in the midst of society, not at its edges.

As performers, you know this already. While you learned certain kinds of magical knowledge from books, videos and teachers, there is also a kind of knowledge you’ve gained from performing your magic for people. The feelings and knowing you get when you have that interaction, that “magic moment” that happens when you really move someone by sharing your magic. That’s not something you can learn from books or videos. That is real wizard knowledge. A kind of wisdom that those outside magic can never know.

Today we live in a global society that seems bent upon destruction of our home planet.  It has been written that if the entire population of the planet currently lived the way citizens of the US do, it would take 3 planets like ours to sustain us.  And so we live in a world of extremes – extreme material wealth vs. extreme poverty.   Extremely educated vs. illiterate.  Obese populations here, starvation there.  No sane human could see this as anything but a civilization out of balance, on the verge of becoming so ill that it will collapse and die.  

Indeed, some scientists are already predicting the end of humanity on the planet, and that the end will come in a manner that can be seen as the suicide of an insane organism.  And so today, we all must step into the role of Wizard.  We must all strive to gain real wisom, to make a difference, and learn to cast aside the limitations and taboos of yesterday – the trappings of the society that brought us to this point.  In the words of Albert Einstein, “The definition of insanity is continuing to do the same thing and expecting different results.” We must all become sane – perhaps for the first time in our lives – and accept the heavy responsibility of achieving unlimited freedom, but at the same time unlimited responsibility – of The Wizard.

And that’s why I’ve just released my newest book, The Wizard’s Way. It represents a new step in the path I’ve been set on by my work with Jeff McBride and Marco Tempest. I hope it will be a step in a new direction for many of us in the world of magic. As magicians, we possess a unique view of human perception and psychology that others do not. Anyone who has mastered a sleight-of-hand technique understands how we learn not just from books or videos, but from experience. These are true wizard skills.  Some of us are ready to take those skills, expand upon them, and share the results to help others become true wizards.

People with the wisdom and skills to help change our world for the better. But of course (and here comes the sales pitch!): You’ll have to read to book to learn its secrets. It’s not a book about tricks, or even performance techniques. But it is a book which you, as a magician, are uniquely qualified to understand. If I’m right about it at all, it’s a book which can make you a more effective, powerful human being (and business builder) yourself. If that sounds attractive… here’s where to get it: http://tinyurl.com/wizardsway. If you don’t want to buy a book just now, you can participate in the project anyway. Each week for the next few months, I’ll be posting at least two “Wizard’s Minute” videos on Facebook and YouTube. Follow me on either platform, and you’ll get at least that… without any investment but the few minutes each week it takes to watch the videos.

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